Today was nasty, we headed from our hotel in Bright just after 8.30am for a short 20km ride down the road to the Happy Valley turn off. We knew we were in for a tough day with 120km to cover in the roaring heat. As we exited the highway the heat was already into the 30’s and we had definitely consumed plenty of water already. The ascent up Happy Valley was enjoyable with the shadow of the trees providing some much needed shade. The descent was even better with 65km speeds been reached.


We all regrouped at the bottom of the hill and reloaded on water, Gatorade and energy bars. We soon headed off toward Kiewa Valley where the heat was at 35 degrees and pounding our backs. It was soooo bloody hot that some riders were struggling to keep the pace.

It was then another testing 10kms or so before we were to arrive at Mt Beauty to stop in preparation for our 30km climb to the top of Falls. It was here that we devoured freshly made rolls that our support crew made for us.

Our support team consists of 3 vehicles that always follow us, 2 bike mechanics, 6 massage therapists, a physio, a doctor, laundry girls, and our ride coordinator.


The Falls ascent was going to test us all. The group quickly broke up with everyone just trying to ride through the heat and focus on getting to the shaded areas of the trees ahead.

It’s one of those roads that is a gradual climb but doesn’t seem to end.  Tapping it out at 15km/hour we were at least able to enjoy the amazing views, and thankfully our much needed massage therapist was awaiting us when we reached the peak.

We have the day from hell tomorrow, 245km and we are throwing in the back of Falls as our climb for the day. There is much talk about this climb being the hardest of our 7 peaks in 7 days.

Today’s stats

Distance: 115.3km
Time on the bike: between 4hrs22mins
Metres climbed: 2188m

Until tomorrow, Robbo.


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