A day from hell. 2800m climbed. 235kms ridden. 8hrs in the saddle.

We knew today was going to be one we would not forget. We headed off down the back of Falls 42 blokes, 15 degrees (chilly in comparison to the weather we had been getting) and an amazing sunrise over the back of Falls Lake.

We all stayed together feeling sore from the previous days ride. The surface of this road is the best we have ridden so far on our 7 Peaks tour. It is undulating with plenty of steep sections and fast cornering. You quickly forget how much down hill you are covering, and how much uphill we need to do on the way back. We lost 2 riders to the bushes on the WTF section, only minor scratches and bruises and some deflated egos.

We had soon arrived at the road to turn off to Anglers Rest where we would ride to our support vehicles for drinks and encouragement before we were to head up the hill to Falls Creek again.


It was here that there was talk of a few riders not going to ride up he hill due to its average 12% gradient (correct me if I’m wrong). It was not long before one of the riders got wind of some of those not wanting to ride and everyone was huddled together quickly. Tim, our ride coordinator and a supporter of the Starlight Foundation reminded us of what we were there for and that there are those less fortunate that go through a lot more pain every day of there life, and that basically, you should HTFU. I’m am pleased to say every rider made it up the course back to Falls safely, with 3 of the riders holding the positions of numbers 1,2 and 3 on Strava.

By 11am, the weather had heated up to 30 degrees. As we ascended Falls I can say that it was one of the toughest rides I have ever done. My Garmin showing me an average gradient of 12% and 9km’s of climbing. The support and the swearing of riders around you gets you over the line, it is definitely not a ride I would like to do on my own.

We reached the top of Falls, grabbed some refreshments and headed down 30kms to Mt Beauty for lunch. Having arrived in Mt Beauty to another 35 degree day we knew we were in for a hard 130km ride to Milawa. We soon left and it was not long before it hit 40 degrees on-road temperature. As we headed towards Myrtleford a number of riders we starting to suffer heat exhaustion. It became soooo hot that we were pulling over for drinks every 45 mins to refuel. We were only travelling at 20kms at various times due to the heat and hills, and the road was completely dead making it even more difficult. The faces on these riders is something I have not experienced before , the pain from the sweltering heat, the low morale and lack of chatter was soul destroying.

We pulled off the side of the ride before turning to Myrtleford, refuelled and had a down hill run into Myrtleford before heading into Milawa. It’s amazing how everyone got their mojo back after we were able to increase our speeds to an average of 40km an hour on the downhill runs with the wind cooling us down slightly.

As we pulled into Lindenwarrah hotel in Milawa I have never seen 40 people jump into the pool so quickly. The guests that were sitting around the pool didn’t know what had hit them.

Tomorrow we are riding 175kms to Mt Buller, another day in the sweat box or as some might say, another one for the hurt locker.

Cheers, Robbo.


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